Book Review: “The Day I Met Him: Not a Love Story”

When I first read the title of the book, it intrigued me how wasn't it a love story. But towards the end of the the book I realised that the title was justified. The book begins with Ishika, who is going through a tough time in her life and reminiscing about her good old days. … Continue reading Book Review: “The Day I Met Him: Not a Love Story”

You and me

You awe me each day,each moment. In all your actions and words, you make me wanna dive deeper into you. From the person who didn't care about being with anybody, to the one who wants to be with you,I do actually owe you a lot. From having second thoughts about you, to having blind faith … Continue reading You and me


She was walking down the streets in front of her house, reminiscing about what it had always been about, the journey, the topsy-turvy life had been for her and how she has always emerged to be a better individual. Those familiar streets somehow seemed unfamiliar, they instilled in her a sudden feeling of strangeness: all … Continue reading Dichotomy

The paradox that it is!

Sometimes, things just happen;you don't choose them the way they are. To say it more precisely, emotions happen illogically, inconsistently! To look at the subtleties of how it turned out to be so, could just sometimes be so heart throbbing and heart warming at exactly the same point of time, so much so that you … Continue reading The paradox that it is!