That friend I never thought would be!

You are one of those very few who I shall cherish all of my life! In my low, you made me smile, totally unaware of what all was going on in my life. The trust that I had lost long enough, you reinstated that feeling in me! From being totally aloof, from being completely emotionless you reinstated in me all those feelings back,in whatever short time period we had! You made me forget everything,you made me forget my past, you healed my soul! Remember when we first met, I knew you were not my thing, but you turned out to be one of the best I ever had or rather I am having. What I like about you is that all this while you never let me know that you knew it all, clear and crisp! Did I ever tell you? Need I tell you? No, I don’t! ‘Cause you understand it all! How many times have I not wanted myself to be like you, if only I could have a few qualities of yours, for you are one of those few people, I really admire with all my heart and soul!But don’t ever break that trust I have in you, ever!


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