The pursuit of happiness!

Unexpected things, unexpected incidents and unexpected people! Woah, life takes it twists and turns in its own completely unexpected ways!

Those lovely moments of your life, when you are most happy, did you know how they would happen in the first place or did you even know that they would happen? Likely not! That surprise gift from your parents or a tour with your spouse or family, or the crazy things with your friends,or those butterflies in your stomach in love, it were never planned!

That down phase of your life wherein everything seemed to come to an end, did you expect that? Probably not! A fight with a friend, a breakup, losing out on somebody, you of course didn’t plan things to fall apart for yourself?

Think over again, the good and the bad, both you never planned, but do you ever curse the good times you had, and why ain’t the low days celebrated as a festival? Why is it that you never yearn for sadness? Ever thought of it?

Well I am not going to answer this question as such, but what I shall say henceforth is worth reading perhaps!

Human mind craves happiness. All his life, human mind and heart work together in a pursuit of happiness. But the irony of the situation is that even though we want our lives to be happy, we end up being sad and depressed most of the time. You realise why?

Simple as that, happiness searched for in wrong way puts us into a mess. We long for bigger material gains! While the truth is that even the smallest of things, the smallest of the attempts of people adds happiness to our lives!

That book in your bookshelf all covered in dust which you once loved is happiness! That beautiful scene you look from your window to calm your soul is happiness;those shimmering city lights or the nature calling upon you,all so serene and beautiful!

That person who tries to make you happy in your low,is happiness! That person who chooses to stay by you, is happiness! That person who unknowingly makes you feel good,is happiness!

The evening walk amidst the pines in your alley is happiness! The chirp of that little bird is happiness! The dog that follows you when you walk down your street is happiness! The tasty food you cooked is happiness! The dress you wear for yourself is happiness! The winter sunshine illuminating your face, is happiness! Those dew drenched leaves and the moistened green grass, is happiness! That soothing wind caressing your face and soul,is happiness! Those falling autumn leaves scattered all around the street, that’s happiness! That misty morning in the winters is happiness!


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