Author: Ayush Saini

The paradox that it is!

Sometimes, things just happen;you don't choose them the way they are. To say it more precisely, emotions happen illogically, inconsistently! To look at the subtleties of how it turned out to be so, could just sometimes be so heart throbbing and heart warming at exactly the same point of time, so much so that you … Continue reading The paradox that it is!


My broken pieces

Exhausted I am, Mending it all, living it all! Every night I lay shattered in my bed And at each dawn it aches, How I search, I gather And put together my broken pieces! At times, I don't look up As those faces freak me out, Yet I walk with my head held high, With … Continue reading My broken pieces

To the perfectly flawed friendship of ours!

To the perfectly flawed friendship of ours!

"Everything is same, everything is different!", such paradoxes our lives are, our role-plays are, and it keeps us intact. You are that beautiful soul who I never had any second thoughts about when we were getting closer. Perhaps due to all the nice things I had heard about you from my old friends, or me … Continue reading To the perfectly flawed friendship of ours!

Yes, I have changed!

Yes, I have changed!

Sometimes, I do not recognise myself when I look back in time. How I used to have a heart of stone, how inexpressive I used to be, how dismissive, how rude, I had been! With time you change, people change you, consequences too! So have I. Yes, I have changed for better, I still am … Continue reading Yes, I have changed!

The pursuit of happiness!

Unexpected things, unexpected incidents and unexpected people! Woah, life takes it twists and turns in its own completely unexpected ways! Those lovely moments of your life, when you are most happy, did you know how they would happen in the first place or did you even know that they would happen? Likely not! That surprise … Continue reading The pursuit of happiness!