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The paradox that it is!

Sometimes, things just happen;you don't choose them the way they are. To say it more precisely, emotions happen illogically, inconsistently! To look at the subtleties of how it turned out to be so, could just sometimes be so heart throbbing and heart warming at exactly the same point of time, so much so that you … Continue reading The paradox that it is!

Yes, I have changed!

Yes, I have changed!

Sometimes, I do not recognise myself when I look back in time. How I used to have a heart of stone, how inexpressive I used to be, how dismissive, how rude, I had been! With time you change, people change you, consequences too! So have I. Yes, I have changed for better, I still am … Continue reading Yes, I have changed!

Let’s for once!

In the chilling winter of January, Alongside the river valley, At the midnight, Let's just sit around the bonfire, Calming our minds to the torrenting river water as it burbles! Let's just melt ourselves completely To the warmth of the blazing fire. Let's just feel the cold breeze Caressing our faces, Let's just cherish the … Continue reading Let’s for once!