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That friend I never thought would be!

That friend I never thought would be!

You are one of those very few who I shall cherish all of my life! In my low, you made me smile, totally unaware of what all was going on in my life. The trust that I had lost long enough, you reinstated that feeling in me! From being totally aloof, from being completely emotionless … Continue reading That friend I never thought would be!


कैसा था वह…

कैसा था वह पेड़ जिस पर मधुमास में भी पत्ते नहीं, कैसा था वह दिन जिसमें कहीं उजाला नहीं, कैसी थी वह रात जिसमें एक तारा नहीं, कैसा था वह जीवन जिसमें रस की कोई आस नहीं।

एक ढ़ेर रेत का

फूल समझ कर मैंने छुआ था जिस काँटे को, वह काँटा नहीं विष था मेरी ज़िदगी का। उधेड़ कर देखा जब मैंने अपने जीवन की सीवन को, रसधार नहीं वह तो था एक ढ़ेर रेत का।

The last meeting

It was dark on the either side of the deserted road. The two of them were not able to see each other. Every time they lifted their foot to walk away, they could feel each other's presence; pain; tears.... It was not duty that had separated and then years later impinge them but it was … Continue reading The last meeting